Traditions, Old and New

To be honest, moving to a new place – especially one so far away – would have been a lot easier if I didn’t love Nashville so much. In my 12 years living there, I learned a lot and changed a lot, and the city changed a lot too. But Nashville is an amazing city, and one that I’m quick to brag on and gush over.

We will miss you!

We miss some of our Nashville traditions – Sunday afternoon board games and beers, family dinners, trivia nights, fall bonfires, New Year’s house parties and so much more. And we miss the familiarity of our favorite hangouts – Flying Saucer, Two Bits, Desanos, Casa Fiesta, P.S. Noodle Pot.

But most of all, we miss the company of our closest friends and family. We had a blast and shed some farewell tears at our send-off celebrations, but we can’t wait to show you all our new hometown. So save your pennies! Ask Santa for airline tickets! This is your perfect excuse to travel!

We’re working on establishing some Swedish traditions of our own, like Pizza Sundays, and we’ve picked our favorite neighborhood Thai and sushi places (just around the corner – SCORE!), and we’re making friends so you’ll have cool people to meet when you get here. Till then, we hope you’ll follow along with our adventures here on our blog. Thanks for reading!

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