About Us

kite flyingFor Kevin and JoEllen, it’s always been Europe. Extended travel abroad is what shaped each of them into who they are, it was their excuse to schedule their first date, and it was their dream. Now that dream – living in Europe – is really happening.

Kevin’s first taste of Europe was his semester studying in Vienna with classmates from Lipscomb University. He made a tight-knit group of friends who became closer and closer as they explored the streets of Europe. Weekends and breaks were spent hopping on trains to discover new cities and counties and getting into trouble once or twice along the way. Vienna was a magical city, with the cozy landmarks like the Opera Toilet and the Prater, and Kevin will never forget the memories he made there.

JoEllen’s European adventure came later on. After saving for months for a big trip and never finding the right moment or travel buddy, she was laid off from her job at a nonprofit company. Left with no job, no boyfriend, an expiring apartment lease, and a savings account just waiting to be emptied, she was out of excuses. Travel buddy or no, it was time to go to Europe.

But who would give her advice on where to go and what to see? Who better than a fellow Lipscomb student who had studied abroad in Vienna!? Kevin jumped at the chance to reminisce about his new home away from home, and dutifully supplied JoEllen with a detailed list of sites, attractions and random adventures around Vienna, coordinated by order of must see-ability. (It didn’t hurt that he had a HUGE crush on JoEllen.)

So off she went, a 24-year-old girl from small town Tennessee, for 8 weeks, to see the world in a big way. And it was awesome.

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Back home in Tennessee, Kevin and JoEllen dated, had adventures around Nashville (including TV appearances for a city-wide snowball fight and adults acting like kids at the science museum), and married. When it was time for Kevin to conduct his dissertation for his EdD degree, he thought about what experiences shaped him and influenced his passions, and where he wanted his education to take him. It was a no-brainer: everything came back to his study abroad experience! Thus the months of research and it was done. Kevin Buckley, EdD was ready to take on the world.


Now was the time for dreams to come true. After month of job searching and countless applications, Kevin accepted a job at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Stockholm, Sweden, teaching 6th grade science, math and English. JoEllen is fontunate to work for a company and in a job that would allow her to take her job along for the adventure (the internet is a powerful thing). So they sold their cars, rented out their house, and said tearful goodbyes to their friends and family.


So here we are in Stockholm, living the dream and figuring the real life stuff out along the way. Our mission is to have big adventures, taste all of the food and drinks, and make friends along the way.