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Life Without Four Wheels: Public Transit in Stockholm

Without a doubt, one of the most drastic changes to my day-to-day life since moving to Europe has been not having a car. As anyone who lives in the States knows, driving a car is most often the… Read More

Right of Public Access

One afternoon, our Airbnb host Tomas knocked on our door and asked us if he could give us a tour of his “outdoor facilities.” After showing us his hot tub and pool, which were closed, Tomas took us across… Read More

Let’s Call It Vacation Before We Call It Home

Our AirBNB host gave us the advice that we should pretend to be tourists for a few days and see all the attractions in Stockholm. We knew that once we got into a routine here, we might not… Read More

Photo Break: Fall in Stockholm

Fall has always been my favorite season. To me, it’s a season to look around and appreciate life with fresh eyes and a grateful heart. Fall in Stockholm has been a real treat, with vibrant yellows and reds… Read More